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Sanford's Retirement Plan Team provides specialized independent consulting and advisory services to organizations across all business sectors. Having many highly experienced team members helps our clients create custom education and investment policies to meet their fiduciary obligations while providing comprehensive retirement benefit programs. Our unique plan design expertise allows our clients to meet their retirement planning goals using a variety of qualified and non-qualified plans.

Sanford’s Retirement Plan Team provides independent consulting and advisory services to organizations across all business sectors. How we service your plan is determined by the needs of the plan’s fiduciaries and its participants. There are three general models that work best for the majority of retirement plans. If you have specific needs that are not covered by the models below, we can create a custom solution.

We’ll work with you to:
• Assess your current retirement plan
and set goals based on your objectives
• Determine what plan type(s) and
strategies will best benefit you and
your diverse employees
• Continually evaluate your program’s
performance and overall satisfaction

We understand the ins and outs of retirement
plans can be overwhelming, complex and timeconsuming.
With Sanford, you have a team of
experienced retirement specialists on your side
who are fully engaged from day one through the
life of your program. We provide unwavering
dedication to helping you develop education
and investment policies to meet your fiduciary
obligations, while providing the impeccable
service you and your participants deserve. Our
team approach ensures a wide breadth of
experience is delivered, based on your individual

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