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Our Client Stories

At Sanford we understand that every owner, company, and staff member has unique goals and needs when it comes to retirement plans. This is why we are passionate about finding the best plan for your business. 

Find a Retirement Plan that fits the whole team

Dr. Dentist is 67 years old and has income in the high six figures. We provided some illustrations for a Cash Balance plan. This is a plan that works in conjunction with a 401(k) and a Profit-Sharing Plan. Dr. Dentist was able to tax defer over $300,000 for himself and his wife while still providing a retirement benefit for his staff. This type of plan normally works well with small medical or law practices because the owners typically are high-income earners.

A healthcare business had started out small but has grown significantly over the years. They had a retirement plan for years which required an employer contribution. As the company grew, the employer contributions were becoming increasingly large. They needed to look at a different type of retirement plan that would still provide employees with an employer contribution but one that would be more affordable for the owners. They also felt that although they wanted to reward their employees, they wanted to put some of the oneness on the employees to save for retirement. With our guidance, they ultimately decided to move to a 401(k) with a Safe Harbor match.

Your company is growing & your Retirement Plan should grow with you

You don't stop working,  
Your Retirement Plan
won't either.

We are continually looking at our current client base and benchmarking (comparing) to their current provider to make sure they are getting the best service at the best price. We benchmarked a $6 million plan with three alternative providers and ultimately ended up saving the business owner $22,000 per year by moving it to a provider with an improved fund lineup, participant website, and reporting.

Young Family

We manage the risk so you can focus on what matters

A Cash Balance plan must be invested in such a manner as to not create a lot of market risk. The investments are typically low volatility fixed income. We moved a cash balance to a new retirement plan custodian and saved the client 60bp (.60%) in fees. This may not sound like a lot but in dollar terms, it’s equated to $4,500. 

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